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Premium Haircut and Style | Men: $65; Seniors (62 and older): $50

All haircuts are done by a master barber, trained in multiple cutting variations. We specialize in every hair type, and are trained in many different techniques to give you the highest quality haircut possible. Scissor-over-comb,razor-over-comb, clippers, and more, tailored to your needs.

We begin with a brief consultation to discuss your expectations before moving to a scalp massage, shampoo, and conditioning treatment all while you relax with a hot towel that soothes your face. We then move on to the haircut previously discussed, straight razor neck shave and a hot towel to clean the shave cream from your neck. We finish with a premium style and blow-dry using our quality products to give you a tailored look that will leave you feeling refreshed and confident.

Young Men’s Premium Haircut and Style | Youth (13 to 21): $45; Child (12 and younger): $40

Keep your high schooler or adolescent looking sharp. We begin with a consultation before a scalp massage, shampoo, conditioning treatment, and haircut. We finish with a hot towel and top-notch styling. If needed, we can teach your child how to style and take care of their hair as well.

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Premium Straight Razor Shave | Men: $70 Prepare for a luxurious and relaxing experience. We begin by leaning the chair back and massaging the face with oil to soften the hair cuticles while prepping the face with steamed vapor. Next we use a hot towel, followed by warm shaving lather, before we begin your straight razor shave along with and against the grain of your facial hair. When your shave is complete, we apply a cooling after-shave lotion that will soothe your face and we will finish with a cold towel to close pores and invigorate the skin.

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Premium Shave | $70

Your scalp needs love too! We start by prepping the scalp with a head massage using pre-shave oil, while steaming with a warm vapor to soften the cuticles. Next we use a hot towel treatment before we apply warm shaving lather and remove the unwanted hair using the straight razor along with and against the grain of the hair.

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Premium Trim | Men: $50

It’s time to shape and tidy up the beard, mustache, or goatee. We use scissors, clippers, and trimmers to give you fresh looking facial hair. Straight razor and steamer are not included with this service. 

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Premium Gray Blend Coloring | $50

Our coloring treatment will eliminate some of the gray in your hair. This service gets rid of gray hair without looking unnatural. We will assess your natural hair color in a consultation and discuss what you desire to achieve. We will formulate a blend of color that is tailored for you. The hair color only needs about 5 to 10 minutes to process before we bring you back to our wash room for a shampoo and conditioning scalp massage. We finish with a premium style and blow-dry before you leave feeling more confident than ever.

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Premium Facial | $50

This is a treat when you need to brighten your skin while removing dead skin cells and cleaning the pores. We begin by leaning you back to relax, followed by steamed vapor and a hot towel to soften the skin. We use our premium products to clean, detoxify, and moisturize the face. We finish with a cold towel to invigorate the skin and leave it feeling soft and clean.

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Premium Wax | $15 per area (Nose, Ears, Eyebrows)

Our premium wax means you’ll spend less time in front of the mirror and be more confident in front of your peers. Our attention to detail and premium wax prevents hair from growing back for as long as a month after each service and leaves the area groomed and smooth. Waxing is always a better option for these sensitive areas because the areas tend to grow thicker/ and coarser hair. A wax will ensure the hair grows back thinner and slower.

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Get the best of both worlds with our combination packages.

Premium Haircut and Style with Beard, Mustache or Goatee Trim
Men: $100

Premium Haircut and Style with Straight Razor Shave
Men: $120

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Save money and never look less than your best. Get unlimited services for one price a month so you can come in as often as you'd like and be sure to always look your best. At Rudy’s Grooming Club you are not just a customer, you are a member and part of our family. Build a relationship with your barber and the rest of the Rudy’s Grooming Club team! Come in, enjoy our club, have a drink and relax. We go above and beyond to make your experience feel like Rudy’s is your second home.

“Rudy’s Grooming Club is the best decision I’ve made in a while. I can get a haircut anytime I want and the barbers and services are always first rate. Great atmosphere too.”

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Men’s Premium Haircut and Style
Unlimited: $160
2x Per Month: $100

Young Men’s Premium Haircut and Style (13 to 21)
Unlimited: $110
2x Per Month: $75

Young Men's Premium Haircut and Style (12 to 21)

Unlimited: $100
2x Per Month: $60

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Straight Razor and Steamer not included.

Men’s Premium Trim:

Unlimited: $140

Twice per month: $80

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Men’s Premium Shaves:

Unlimited: $200

Twice per month: $100

Once per month: $60

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Keep all the men in the family, regardless of their age, looking their best. Do you like to have a boy's day every couple weeks with your sons? At Rudy’s Grooming Club, we invite you to sign up for a family membership so that you and your sons can come in together and enjoy the unlimited services! Add a young adult or child to any membership for a fee for unlimited or twice/monthly haircuts that you can enjoy together. Spouses, significant others, and daughters are welcome to come enjoy our club and have a drink while the boys are getting their services done.


*Please see our haircut membership section for prices.

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We come to you. Don’t leave the comfort of your home but get the same great services we offer in our club. Add a minimum of $100 to the cost of any of our services depending on the location. All at-home appointments must be scheduled by phone a minimum of 48 hours in advance. 

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For $400 a month, You can recieve; Unlimited haircuts, Beard trim/ Shave, Head Shave, Facials, and 1 child haircut unlimited included.

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For $600 a month, all services are included. Wax: Ears, nose, and Eyebrows, Facial, Straight Razor Shave or Beard Trim, Haircut or Head Shave, Gray Blending Color for Head or Beard, and up to 3 kids haircuts unlimited.

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For $1000 a month, Become a Sponsor and Supporter of Rudy’s Grooming Club! All Services are included and unlimited. Wax :Ears, nose, and Eyebrows, Facial, Straight Razor Shave or Beard Trim,   Haircut or Head Shave, Gray Blending Color for Head or Beard. This membership also  includes two guests a month for a haircut and shave, as many as five children 21 years of age or younger, one at-home service each month if needed, discounts on private parties, and one free product a month. Also not only do you get all these amazing services, you will also receive your choice from 3 options of a top of the line premium alcohol bottle to keep at the club with a gold plated engraved name plate.

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We enjoy a good time too! That’s why we’ll host groups for special events such as weddings, bachelor parties, and graduations. Get your groomsmen and maybe even your dad or your future father-in-law together for a memorable grooming experience prior to the big day or get your male friends cleaned up before hitting the town for your bachelor party.

You let us know what services you need and we’ll take care of the rest. You will get to relax as we get you ready for whatever event, party, or special occasion you’re celebrating.

Any event or group services will need to be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Give us a call to discuss the services you’re looking for and the size of the group you’ll be bringing. We’ll get back to you with a quote as quickly as possible.

NOTICE: Rudy’s Grooming Club does not sell alcohol.



Can’t find time during our store hours and you need your haircut sooner than later?  We can make it happen for you.
Just add an additional fee to our service prices and give us a day's notice and we can be at the club to cut your hair anytime you need.
Members: $40
Non-Members: $50

Cancellations to any special request/event must be done 48 hours in advance. Parties require a deposit and “after-hours” services require payment before appointment.


We like to plan ahead so that is why we want our clients to pre-book appointments. Click here to schedule an appointment or call (203) 202.9311. We set our daily schedule based on the appointments booked for that particular day and we do not want to rush through a service because other clients are waiting. Your time at Rudy’s Grooming Club is precious and we strive to provide the best customer experience possible.


There will be a $20 fee for no-shows. Appointments must be canceled at least 2 hours in advance to avoid the cancellation fee. No appointments will be honored if clients are more than 10 minutes late. This protects the time of our clients who are scheduled after your appointment.


If you would like to cancel your membership at any time please come in to Rudy’s Grooming Club or give us a call at (203) 202-9311. You must give a 5-day notice prior to your next billing cycle and sign a cancellation form. There are no cancellation fees, this is just so we can keep track of canceled memberships, and so you do not keep getting charged monthly.